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When I was back home in Ga for my shower, Hubs & I decided to take a trip to the GA Aquarium the day after.  We didn’t have much on the agenda for Sunday, so it was the perfect opportunity to go.  We also love any excuse to go in the city and just take it in.  Hubs had actually been to the Aquarium before, but I had never been there.  It was built after I left Atlanta and since returning for short periods of time since it was built, I never took the time to go to it.  Needless to say I was really excited to go.  I have always loved wildlife, especially marine life.  Hubs is an even bigger buff for animals than me, so of course he was stoked.  I took a ton of pics, as I always do when I visit somewhere fun and interesting.
 Have a looksee!
My bump shot for the week!
Cameo appearance from Hubs.  He loves marine life.  We (Hubs) have a 50 gal aquarium in our house, so visiting an entire building that was an aquarium was super cool for him.   He dedicates so much time to his aquarium at home and even built a custom stand for it.  That man knows how to do everything!
If you visit Atlanta, I highly recommend touring the Aquarium.  Its right in the heart of the city, next to Centennial Olympic Part and across from The World of Coca Cola.  Its really a site to see, in addition to everything else you can enjoy nearby. – I love my homestate, and Hubs & I really took it in when we were there.  Can’t wait to be back down South again!
Happy bumping!

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  1. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Tennsley,

    Beautiful photos! I showed them to my kids too, who haven’t been to an aquarium yet . . . and they loved them as much as I did :0)
    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on soon becoming a Mama!
    You will soon count it as one of your biggest blessings.
    Have a beautiful week,

    1. Thanks! That’s so awesome that your kids loved them. I hope you all will get a chance to visit an aquarium sometime soon. I’m super excited for baby and feel so blessed already, can’t wait to experience this blessing in actuality.

      Have a great week as well!


  2. Those pictures are fantastic! I showed them to my daughter, too! She loved the alligator and sea snakes, I think those are, which she called worms 🙂
    Cute bump picture, so jealous of people who look ADORABLE pregnant. I looked like a bloated, beached whale! 🙂

    1. Aww, that’s so precious! 🙂 I’m glad she liked the pictures. I have to admit that the alligator was one of my favorites too. Thanks so much for the compliment on my bump, it is finally slowly but surely out there for the world to see. I feel like I really only popped when I hit my 7th month, before I just looked like I ate a bunch of doughnuts.

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! We had a really good time. You have a great blog btw. Look forward to joining you all again next week! Following you back as well on all social media.

      Thanks again and have an awesome weekend!


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