I know a while back turquoise was all the rage, like it was everywhere…and it still is.  One reason is because turquoise is timeless and versatile.  It looks good with everything and for the most part on everyone.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one person that turquoise didn’t look good on.  Another great thing about it is that its a unisex color, which can be difficult to find with bright colors, that can typically be associated with femininity.  Did I mention that it look gorgeous in jewelry, whether it be a gemstone or actual jewelry made from turquoise stones.

The beauty and versatility of turquoise prompted me to create a mood board that I am absolutely in love with.  Its full of the different, and even non  conventional ways in which the color turquoise is used.  I personally love the use of it in architecture, because its a place you wouldn’t think to find something turquoise.  You can guess why the staircase and street clock were included in this mood board now, huh?  Another one of my favorite ways that they color is used is in the polka dinnerware, very Kate Spade and speaks to my girly, trendy, preppy side.  And who would have thought to have a turquoise accent wall in your bathroom, can you imagine soaking in that tub with the bright, yet serene turquoise all around you?  The decor possibilities are endless with turquoise, because it could be paired with colors all across the color wheel.

For the Love of Turquoise | Mood Board | BlissandFaith.com

Bathtub // Ring // Paint // Telephone // Dishes // Staircase // Roses // Clock // Tassels

In color psychology Turquoise is considered a positive color, representing communication, clarity of thought, balance and harmony, and calmness.

For the Love of Turquoise | Mood Board | BlissandFaith.com

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If you love turquoise and considering using it in your branding, its an overall good color to use because it recognizable and strong.  There is also a large range when it comes to the color family of turquoise, so you have an array of hues to choose from.  Colors influence how consumers view the “personality” of the brand (entrepreneur.com), so if your brand can be represented by some of the meaning words above, then turquoise is probably a good option for you.

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Another great thing about turquoise is that since its in the blue family, its favored by both sexes.  This is great if your product or service appeals to both men and women, because it won’t turn either one off or send the wrong message about your brand.  Turquoise is also an easy color to pair with neutrals like, black, white, and grey, so you can make it as masculine or feminine as you wish by the way you pair it.

Turquoise can be used as a main color in your branding, or as a highlight color.  Either way, its going to catch the eyes in whichever way its used.  It kind of makes me wish I’d found a way to include it in my branding for Bliss & Faith, but more coming on that very soon.  I also have a post coming up all about choosing colors for your brand, so there’s a lot to stay tuned for!

Do you love turquoise as much as I do? – What’s one of your favorite versatile colors?


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    1. Thanks so much! I totally agree that turquoise is a calming and peaceful color. Turquoise furniture would be lovely! That pop of color in a room would brighten it right up. I’m not sure I’d go that bold either, maybe some pillows and accent rugs a start!

    1. Yes, I totally agree that turquoise has a calmness, clean, and positive feel. It just makes you feel good looking at it! Plus, anything that reminds me of the beach is alright in my book. 🙂

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