Freebie Friday | Valentine’s Day Inspired Love Monogrammed iPhone Wallpapers


Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day) is just a few short weeks away and as you know I’m a sucker for indulging in the festiveness of all holidays.  It was only fitting that I came up this fun monogrammed love inspired wallpapers for the holiday.  I love red and pink all the time, so I’m extra giddy during this time of the year when all the store’s have the Valentine’s Day decor and candy out.  I would have an entire house full or both if I could.  I’d even have the decor up during Christmas if I could get away with it.  Forget red and green, its all about red and pink.  I mean seriously, what better colors exist on the spectrum??

These wallpapers come in two different versions, one with a red “love” monogram and the other in pink.  Grab one or both if you can’t choose between the two.  The more love the better!  You can download them at the links below.NMDVDayiPhone6WallpapersLockScreenPink

Download the Pink “Love”versionNMDVDayiPhone6WallpapersLockScreenRedDownload the Red “Love” version

I also have some new Love Day inspired items in the shop.  Personally, I’m loving both of the polka dot glitter monogrammed iPhone wallpapers.


I’m using the initial monogram on my phone now and its gorgeous!  All of the Valentine’s Day inspired items will only be in the shop for a limited time, so drop by and check them out!

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9 thoughts on “Freebie Friday | Valentine’s Day Inspired Love Monogrammed iPhone Wallpapers

  1. Oh la la love this freebie! Thank you for sharing. ♥ I’m such a sucker for Valentine’s Day.

    1. Hooray! I’m so glad you like this freebie. Who isn’t a sucker for Valentine’s Day lol!

  2. Ooh, I love freebies, lol! These wallpapers are too cute! I like both versions! I’m always amazed at graphic designers and those who can create these designs!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you like the wallpapers. Even though I’m a graphic designer, I’m always amazed at other graphic designers work. It’s truly a passion of mines!

  3. Those are really cute! What a great idea to change your wallpaper to be festive!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I Iove being festive for holidays. Just adds that extra fun to them!

  4. These iphone wallpapers are so cute! I love valentine themed decoration.

    Felicia | Beloved Style

  5. These are TOO cute, I wish I was more creative with my iPhone wallpaper… I love anything monogrammed!

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