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Its Freebie Friday and Spring is right around the corner.  I don’t know about you, but I sure am ready!  I’ve had enough of the polar vortex and this crappy, cold weather.  Punxsutawney Phil said we had 6 more weeks on Groundhog’s Day, but I refuse to believe that!  I’m in the spring mindset, and I hope you are too. If your not, then I hope this festive printable get’s you there!  If you are like me, well this printable well get those spring activity wheels turning, and hopefully not the allergy ones.  To be honest, I’d rather deal with the pollen, puffy sensitive eyes and runny nose any day over 20 and 30 degree weather.  That’s just me though!

I’m spreading the Springtime time cheer, feel free to share and share alike and spread it too with this fun printable!


You can download the printable HERE!

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Happy Springtime!


Tenns Reid

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  1. Tenns, it’s beautiful! I am so over this winter. Today was 10 degrees at dawn. Now the sun is somewhat rising above the trees enough to warm the house, but keeps hiding behind clouds.
    I can’t take it anymore!
    I get allergies too but I start early on the nasal spray (early March) and I’m usually ok.

    1. Thanks so much Tamara! Oh my goodness, I can imagine 10 degrees. I remember a few 14-17 degree mornings back when I lived in Va. I don’t miss that! Needless to say, I’m back down south and spoiled again weather-wise. That’s reminds me to get some new nasal spray. The winter tore my poor nose up with the dryness. I welcome all that spring has to bring! 🙂

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