Its Freebie Friday again and I’m back with a lovely Valentine’s Day Printable.  Can you believe the day of love is just about a month away?!  The year just started and already time’s flying.  These festive printables can be used for a plethora of things, such as added to giftbags, goodie bags, and use as décor for party planning, or even affix to objects to make more festive.

You could also laminate the labels and use a double stick tape to affix the printables to whatever object you are using.  I strongly recommend laminating, because it will ensure durability.  It will also allow you to switch out the printables to put on other objects or to use again in the future if you plan on saving them.

KissesandHugsPrintable-page-001You can download the printable here – Please take note that these are for personal use only!  I would never charge for these, so please don’t take them and try to use them for commercial use.  This is why they are FREE for use. :-)

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  1. So cute! I went to the drugstore today and the Valentine stuff was out in full display. My mom is visiting this weekend and we love to go to the seasonal section of Target. Might be fun!

    1. Thanks so much Tamara! You all will have a ball! Its so crazy, I feel like holiday stuff comes out so early all the time. I remember seeing Christmas stuff in like August or September. I was hesitate putting these up so early, but realized that V-day is only a month out. I was at Target the other day and saw all of the Valentine’s Day stuff too. It was so cute and fun looking at it all. I still have red and green M&M’s, but I know I’ll be picking up a bag of red, pink, and white ones for V-day…I can’t resist!

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