Summertime is supposed to be about relaxing, but mines has been anything but!  I have been busier lately than I’ve been in a long time and I’m in desperate need of some organization.  I finally finished my personal planner, as well as two others (you can check them out here and here) in my shop.  I also just got started on a smaller A5 (5.5″ X 8.5″) version and after at the same time I’ll be working on a student planner for back to school.  I know crazy right?  Feels like Summer just got here, and already Fall is in our sights.  July will be here in a week’s time, and once its over, everything is back into full swing.  Time just flies doesn’t it?  Can we slow it down just a little!?

Well, I don’t have the ability to control time, but I do have the ability to create tools that better help to manage it.  I present to you on this Freebie Friday:  the Daily To-Do List!  Complete with tasks, notes, and goals sections, this little doohicky will help you stay on track daily.  I like many, use my phone for nearly everything, but when it comes to really holding myself accountable, I need to write things down.  You can print this super cute sky blue, chevron patterned printable, stick it on your fridge, fold and put in your purse, or simply keep a copy on your desk to check off.

Freebie Friday | Daily To Do List |

This is the perfect time to get and stay organized!  Once the Fall gets here, a healthy and established routine will be in place and your life will be that much more less stressful.  Amen to that!  Well, at least until the holidays!  🙂  I’m looking forward to using my newly acquired organization skills to make me not only a better wife and mother in my personal life, but business woman too (that includes blogging).  I have so many goals I want to achieve and so many things I would like to get done, so any little token of help I can use I do.

I hope you find it as helpful as I do, and as always enjoy!

I’d love to know! – How are you staying organized this summer?  Do you feel like time is just flying by so fast too?

You can download the printable HERE!

For more printables, visit my shop on Etsy!  If you don’t see something either on the blog or in my shop, feel free to contact me.  Custom orders always welcome!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Tenns Reid

I'm Tenns, the blogger, graphic designer, and business + content creation strategists behind Bliss & Faith. This is my little corner of the web that I've dedicated to helping fellow bloggers and creatives reach their goals. I'm so glad you dropped by and hope that you that you find valuable resources here to help you achieve your dreams!

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  1. It’s gorgeous and my summers are always more intense/busy than the rest of the year, but in a different way. It feels ok and great to be that way.

    1. I believe it! Its the same way for me too! At least we have more energy and go up and go-ness with the cold weather out and warm weather in. Its a nice kind of busy! 🙂

  2. You are such a good writer! i love this view on keeping things tidy.. After i blog tonight i need to organize my house.. So this is a great post to read for inspiration and motivation to get organized

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I try to be as compelling and relatable as possible. I’m so happy you found inspiration and motivation in my post. I’m sure your house is lovely and only requires little organization. You always have such lovely decor featured on your blog!

  3. Stopping by from the Kitchen Fun & Crafty Link Up. Super cute printable 😀 If you are on Google Plus, I would LOVE for you to share it with my “Free Printables” Community!

  4. Who doesn’t need a to do list for something right? I think this is a great freebie. And the color will make sure it stands out in a stack of papers!

  5. […] Jillian chose Freebie Friday | Daily To Do List Printable from New Mama Diaries. “I chose this post because I think we’re all often on the hunt for the best way to keep track of our “to-dos.” This printable is gorgeous and is the perfect option for your daily list!” […]

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