Now that we’re into May, its time to bring on the brights!  By brights, I mean all of those lovely colors that remind you of sunshine, vacation, and being happy.  What better question to describe those feelings than Coral?  I don’t think there is one!  Coral, next to pink and red, is one of my favorite colors.  It gorgeous, feminine, and versatile.  You may start noticing a pattern with me and colors that really strike my fancy, its that they all tend to be super versatile.  I feel as is if this says a lot about my personality, but nonetheless whatever it says, I know that it says I love pretty colors.

Coral is another one of those colors that you can do much with, much like Turquoise which I featured in For the Love Of last week.  Whether you’re wearing it, decorating with it, or creating with it, you aren’t limited by what it can be used for or paired with.  I can think of few colors that coral wouldn’t look good with, and even then a slight change of shade could fix that.  You can see that in the gorgeous coral mood board I was inspired to put together by the color below.For the Love of Coral | Mood Board |

Dresser // Cake // Doors // Watch // Headphones // Centerpiece // Necklace //Succulent Bouquet // Confetti Mobile

Don’t you just love those doors?!  I fancy nothing more than seeing bright and happy colors used in architecture.  Many times we see only neutrals used in architecture and its so refreshing to see a spunky color like coral being used.  If I wasn’t such a traditionalist, I would totally paint the door to my house coral one day.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that would fly with my husband, so I’ll have to settle for the traditional, colonial style red front door.  A girl can dream right, even if its just for a little bit!

But now, back to coral and its loveliness.  Coral’s one of those colors that you see and it energizes you.  One of the reasons it appeals so much to me is because it symbolizes energy, caution, warmth, cheer, and joy.


 I love how the strong shades of coral are bold, but I also love that the soft shades of it are feminine.  Its the perfect balance of a bold and soft color, and that can be hard to find.  Coral comes from the yellow color family, which evokes feelings of lightheartedness, humor, or friendliness.  When I see coral, I see lightheartedness and friendliness for sure.  I also see welcoming and excitement, which is why I think coral is such a great color to decorate with.  I especially love when coral is included in floral arrangements, because that pop of vibrant color brings out such beauty in all of the flowers in the arrangement.

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Coral is one of my favorite wedding colors, especially for laid back, beach-style weddings.  That pop of bright color against the blue waters and light sands is simply gorgeous.  Coral is also one of those colors that most people look good in, so having your wedding party in it will make for a great color for your photographs.  If you’re planning a wedding, its super important to keep in mind how certain colors will photograph.  Unfortunately editing can only do so much, so its wiser to err on the side of caution and select colors that you can trust will look great in photos.

I’m seriously loving coral, like big time right now!  I’ll be trollying my way to the makeup counter to pickup a shade of coral lipgloss and blush at some point this spring or summer, no doubt.  Its one of those colors that I always have in my makeup collection and in my wardrobe.  When all else fails, go with coral…that’s my philosophy and its yet to steer me wrong.

Do you love coral? – If so, what are some of your favorite ways to use or see it?


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  1. You’re on fire!! You picked two of my favorite colors the past two weeks!! Also, I use both of them on my blog. 🙂 Coral makes me happy, there’s something about it, I guess it’s the yellow. 🙂

  2. I do love coral! I don’t wear it a lot because I don’t look that good in colors that aren’t really bold, but I love it for weddings. I photograph weddings with coral themes – so good!

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