Organization is crucial as a business owner and blogger.  I’ve used many tools in the past to help me stay and get organized, but none are as awesome as the one I’m going to be sharing with you today.  This one single app is my central hub for all of my ideas, from business to blogging to design to coaching, and it is by far my favorite organizational app ever!

So, by now you’re probably wondering what in the world could this amazing app be, well I’ll tell you right here in this post.  I’m pulling back the curtain on the one tools that helps me run my business and blog every day.  That one tool is Evernote, and its awesome.  If you’re not yet using it, you’ll find out in this post why you should.

The One Organization Tool That Helps Me Run My Business & Blog Every Day |

A Little History

About 3 years ago when I was in training with the military I came across Evernote in the Apple App Store after getting an iPad.  I was browsing through the App Store looking for notetaking apps and Evernote came up in the search results.  I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to apps, so I tend to download a lot of them try them out and delete them if they don’t end up serving me.  Evernote was one of the ones that always stuck, even though I’d leave it for weeks on end untouched to try out other tools and apps, it was always there.  One of the main things I really liked about Evernote is that not only was there a mobile app for it, but a desktop version as well, so I could use it across all of my devices.  It was so beneficial when I was in training, because no matter where I was, I always had my notes with me (provided the use of technology was allowed).

Evernote has only gotten better over the years, with upgrades to the free version including some great features.  Although there are plus and premium versions of Evernote that are super robust, I’ve never needed anything more than the free version for my needs.  If there ever came a time, however in which I felt I needed to upgrade, I would do so with no problem.  I know upgrading would be well worth the investment and benefit me tremendously with my business.

My Favorite Organizational App & Why You Should Use It Too |

Why Its So Awesome

My Favorite Organizational App & Why You Should Use It Too |

As I mentioned before, I use Evernote as my central hub for all of my notes and ideas.  One of my absolutely favorite features of it is that it syncs across all of my devices.  I love that I can update on my phone and then open it up on my phone or iPad and the updates are already there.  I don’t miss out on a single update that I make, or being able to access it no matter the device I’m on.  Some of my other favorite features of Evernote are the ability to make multiple to-do lists and checklists, have offline access and also being able to attach files (PDFs, photos, Office docs).  Even more so, I can work out of several different, what Evernote calls notebooks that my workspace is organized into.

My Favorite Organizational App & Why You Should Use It Too |

How It Helps Me With Business & Blogging

My Favorite Organizational App & Why You Should Use It Too |

Evernote is my number one organizational tool for business and blogging, because I can literally dump all of my ideas into it and keep them easily organized.  I’m able to access these ideas at the click of a finger, adding to and taking away from them any time I need to.  I can compose entire posts, newsletters, and even lesson plans for courses in a space that lays everything out perfectly.  I don’t have to worry about sifting through my external drive or bookmarks to find information that I want to reference.

For example, I was able to draft the entire newsletter for this month in Evernote the other, while I waited on my brother to finish an interview that I’d dropped him off for.  I’ve also been able to instantly add ideas for my upcoming courses the second I think about them, because I can just grab my phone and add them to Evernote.  It immediately syncs across devices and I don’t even have to click a save or done button, I love this seamlessness and ease of use.  This is especially big for me, considering I’m typically a paper and pen kind of girl when it comes to my to-do lists.  I rarely if ever rely on electronic versions, because I’m never able to increase my productivity with them.  Fortunately, using Evernote changes that and I’m able to stay up with the times.

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If you haven’t tried Evernote, even if you’re a paper and pen kind of gal like I am, give it a go.  Its free to download and try, and there’s no reason to upgrade unless you really need those advanced features.  I get along just fine without the plus or premium version and my needs are meant perfectly with the basic free version.  I don’t think there’s better tool on the market that fits my need, as well as those for my business and blog.  I will continue to use it, until I feel my needs have outgrown, which I don’t see happening any time soon.

If you’re looking for tools to help you get more organized, insure that the tools you use fit your needs.  You may need an upgraded or premium version of a tool, so don’t be afraid to invest.  The time and investment you make to find that perfect tool can pay dividends in the future when you’re running your business or blogging efficiently, productively, and profitably.

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 What tools do you use to stay organized? – Do you prefer electronic or pen and paper to keep track of your ideas and goals?


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