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I decided to do a “What We Ate” post.  We haven’t cooked in a while, due to being out of town, so it was nice to have a cooked meal finally.  I was the brains behind this operation, and Hubs was the brawn. – meaning I thought up what we were having and he cooked it, lol!  The featured recipe is actually Hubs’ spin on creamy red potatoes, and I must give credit where its due and let you all know that the recipe is courtesy of him.

What We Ate
Crab legs – frozen
Kale – frozen
Red Potatoes – fresh
The Recipe:
Garlic powder
Indian black pepper
Sea Salt
Butter – Olive Oil & Sea Salt flavored
How He Did It:
Boil whole red potatoes for roughly 15-20 minutes.  Loosely skin the potatoes, leaving random skin here and there on potatoes.  Mash potatoes into a chunky mix, add in milk and whisk.  Once potatoes and milk are combined, add in remaining ingredients and whisk until creamy and your done. – Its just that easy!
Our lovely meal was so delicious!  I love crab legs and even though I prefer fresh, these did the job for a quick dinner idea.  As far as the kale, I like it both fresh and frozen, and its so healthy!
Lesson of the day:  Don’t sleep on frozen foods, they can be just as good as fresh and are extremely convenient.  You can always add a fresh side if you have the time, and if not, that’s okay too!

Happy bumping!


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