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Happy Friday everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been super busy filling orders.  I’ll be back next week with a round up of new posts and maybe even another Freebie Friday.  I can’t tell you how many posts I have in my drafts that are just waiting to be completed.  I even have some yummy recipe ones coming up.  You all know how I love my smoothies, and I have a delicious recipe I’ll be featuring next week.

I really appreciate you all linking up at April, Brittnei, and myself’s new link up.  While I hated to see Gingham & Roses go, it was time for a change.  Along with my new design, the tone of my overall blog has changed and I feel Creative Style is much more fitting with it.  I’m excited, and for the first week of the link up we had nearly 70 linkups.  We’ll be having a two co-hosts joining us next week and I’m stoked to have these ladies sharing the linkup with their readers.

My son (Chunk) will be 8 months next week and he is ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.  The kid’s energy is endless!  I love it though, plus he’s finally sleeping longer stretches at night. Yay!  He is also not sleeping in our bed anymore, although usually by 5 A.M. he finds his way into it.  He’s crawling, pulling up, and being vocal.  I’m so surprised (not really) that he’s doing all of this, considering he’s a first born.  From what I’ve seen and heard, first borns tend not to do things as early as subsequent children, because they don’t have a sibling to mimic.  Well, I guess since my husband and I are big kids, Chunk just mimics us.  When he’s down on the floor, we are too, crawling, and playing right alongside him with his toys.  Of course, old habits die hard and Chunk is still nursing a lot, although we have given him applesauce, sweet potatoes,  and carrots.  So between playing, sleeping, and eating, this little tyke does miss an oz of mommy milk.  I’m sure its more comfort half of the time, and less hunger.  We will wean whenever he’s ready, which I don’t think he’ll do before a year.  I don’t mind at all, not one bit!  As long as he wants to nurse and I can actually do it, its all fine by me.

Okay, so somehow this turned into an update about Chunk, and not my life.  But wait, he is my life!  Okay, well he’s a big part of it, but I do have a lot going on.  I will be getting back to being consistent with posting, and as I said in my it feels good to be back post, I’m gong back to the basics, posting valuable and helpful content, while chronicling my life.  I’ll also be updating you all on what’s in my shop, because I’m adding new things daily.  I’ll even have some blog themes in the shop, for both Blogger and WordPress.  I’m in the process of learning the Genesis framework now.

Alright party people, before I write a book here (because, I always have so much to say), I’m gonna get back to what I do best:  Chasing my kid around the room!  In the meantime, if you’re doing any shopping on the inter webs this weekend, check out the deals below!  Very exciting and awesome steals for both the little ones and yourself!

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