Currently {2nd Edition} | NewMamaDiaries.comLoving – Having the move off my back.  It was very stressful having stuff in Va and living in Ga.  Just waiting on it to get delivered now.  The trip was exhausting, but God was with us and blessed us to get up and down the road with out harm or incident.  He was truly with us!

Not liking – the fact that Fall weather is imminent.  I love, love, love summer and the heat.  I’m one of those people, yep!  While I’m looking forward to my son’s birthday and the holidays, I wish summer would be year around.

Excited – about Type-A Parent Conference this weekend.  Are you going? Will I see you there?  Hope so!  This will be nearly the first time I’ll be away from Chunk for a whole yay.  Big things are happening.

Deciding – whether or not to fly or drive to FL next month for Niche Parent Conference.  The logistics are never the fun part!

Pondering – new website designs.  I’m in a creativity block, but to be honest I need it.  I’m well overdue to needing to take a step back.  Playing around with new code and getting inspired.  Time away does a mind good!

Anticipating – the arrival of my business cards at the week’s end.  They should be here Thursday and I can’t wait to share them.  I also have a blog post coming up later in the week about business cards and networking at conferences.

Can’t wait – for Fall tv…it is one of my favorite parts about the fall.  Everything is starting to premier this week and and next week.  Thank goodness.

Needing to – the list really never ends, but I have some immediates.  Laundry, painting my toenails, doing my hair…

Happy – that I was able to paint my nails this weekend.  Loving the fact that I found a gorg red on clearance at Target for less than $2 and it looks amazing.  I’m not even one for vamp polishes, but this one’s just darling.

Obsessing over – Instagram.  Its literally my favorite social media platform at the moment.  Pinterest is a close second.

Not happy – about the new cast of The View.  Won’t be watching this season whatsoever.  Its just not the same.  Nuff said.

Will be – contenting to watch The Doctors and Dr. Oz as a part of my morning and afternoon routines, while I’m either feeding Chunk or when he’s down for a nap.  Of course I can miss Days.

Valuing – life, my husband, son, mom, and everyone who is so amazing and supportive to me right now.  They’re truly a blessing.

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  1. Wow, you have been up to a lot recently! I feel you on the whole stress of moving thing. We just finished doing that this month, and it was crazy! Though it wasn’t across state lines like you! I couldn’t imagine doing that with a little one… across town was stressful enough with my 7 year old! As far as fall TV goes – I’m glad that I’m not the only one excited about that! I’ve been looking forward to all of my shows coming back all summer long! 😉

    I’m visiting you courtesy of the “Currently” link-up! Looking forward to reading more from you in the future!

    1. I totally have been, but it’s nice to have at least one thing checked off the list. Chipping away little by little!

      Fall tv really is the best! Next week can’t get here soon though! 🙂

    1. Lol, yeah Fall takes a little longer to get here in the South. It will come though, or rather winter will just pop up.

      Thanks so much for your lovely and kind words about my business cards. I’m totally stoked about them and can’t wait to pass them out. I’ll be getting the post up about conferences once I return from Type-A, can to wait to share!
      Yes! Next week is the week for the beginning of fall tv, thank goodness!

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