I don’t know about you, but I love color palettes!  You can get so much inspiration from them.  Its so awesome to be able to take a picture, and pull out the beautiful colors in it.  

If you’ve ever been on design-seeds, you know its a hub for color palettes.  If you’re ever looking for inspiration for design, color palettes are a great place to start.  Also, if you just enjoy looking at pretty pictures, you can do that too!

Spring Day Color Palette | NewMamaDiaries.com

A few weekends back Hubs, Chunk, and I were on our way to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos while in route.  The photo these color palette is based in full of color, full of Spring, and everything that makes it so wonderful.  I love seeing bright pink azaleas and plush green in full bloom.  Its the only time you see it, because come June or July its too hot and all the flowering plants are gone.  Spring is short, you really have to take advantage of and embrace while its around.

This photo has a little it of everything it, including a palm tree!  Yes, palm trees are in Georgia…or at least they can grow here.  The azaleas and green foliage line a quaint black fence next to medium toned brick brownstones.  I love the contrast in hard versus soft, nature versus man made.  Its not over stimulating one way or the other.  The colors I drew out were warm, i.e the pinks, vibrant, the greens, and muted, the browns.  Such a lovely mix and contrast of colors, and that’s the beautiful thing about nature.  

I’ll definitely be creating more color palettes in the near future, as I comes across more inspiration.  I’d love to see your inspirations, so if you have a photo and want me to create a color palette from it, let me know!

Happy Days!


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  1. How beautiful! I never really looked at spring the way I have since I really got into photography.
    I now notice so many colors and plants I never knew existed!

    1. Looking at the world through a lens really changes your perspective. You see things completely different and everything is just a little bit more beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful colors for sure! I enjoy putting colors together and the spring colors are just so amazing. Thank you sharing that awesome pictures with us, lady!

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