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Overcoming the Overwhelm + 12 Ways to Stay Productive |

Overcoming the Overwhelm + 12 Ways to Stay Productive {& a Free Guide!}

I’ll admit that the past few months have been stressful! I’ve had a lot on my plate, taking courses, launching new services, and working on some exciting upcoming things that will be happening for Bliss & Faith…and getting ready for a new baby in the fall! If you’re on my mailing list then you probably […]

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How to Handle Shade & Why You Shouldn't Throw It

I’ll be completely honest here, I had a completely different post lined up to publish, but was more inspired to write this post on a whim. I wanted to add some positivity into the blogosphere, where I recently came across some real negativity. Now again, to be honest, I try not to write posts like […]

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Why I Started a Podcast |

Why I Started a Podcast & a Few of My Favorite Ones to Listen To

I realized that I had been holding out on you all here on the blog.  Many apologies, because I totally didn’t mean to, but I’m here now to make amends.  I’m making amends for not telling you all about my podcast, The Blissful Business Podcast,  which I launched last month.  To be completely honest, I […]

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