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Live-Streaming Mistakes That You Shouldn't Make |

Live-Streaming Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make

Live-streaming is all the rage right now, and from the looks of things it’s definitely here to stick around. Everything is becoming more interactive than ever before, so that means that the days of only posting written content are long gone. In addition, from the way the trend is going, the days of just posting […]

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5 Social Media Tools You Should Be Using For Your Business Connect Better With Your Audience & Network With Like Others

Social media isn’t just for fun and staying abreast of the latest gossip, it can be used to grow your business, connect better with your audience, and network with like others. I’m sharing my favorite social media tools that help run my business while being able to draw new connections and get in front of […]

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Why I'm Loving Periscope & How I'm Using It To Grow My Business |

Why I’m Loving Periscope & How I'm Using It To Grow My Business

Have you heard who’s the new Jan Brady in town? Yep, its Periscope, the awesome social media platform that lets you video broadcast and have a live chat with your followers simultaneously. Now you may be thinking that this is no new concept, since video broadcasting services like Ustream and Google Hangouts and such have […]

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