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Best Practices for Giving Attribution & Proper Credit |

Best Practices for Giving Attribution & Proper Credit

As a creative and in general, a person who is extremely detail oriented, I noticed the smallest things all the time. This is especially true when it comes to design, especially web design. It’s really funny how some of the things I notice now, as a graphic and web designer, I never noticed as just […]

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Finding Your Own Style: Avoiding the CopyCat Effect |

Finding Your Own Style Avoiding the Copycat Effect

Copying and unoriginality have been two topics that have honestly been addressed so much lately, that you can’t turn your head without hearing someone talk about their frustration with it. I’ve addressed it here on the blog several times, with writing helpful posts about community, competition, inspiration, and authenticity, but I strayed from calling it was […]

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Should You Offer Revisions of Your Design Work?

If you do any type of creative work, you may run into an issue of being asked to do a revisions, or even multiple ones. There are many schools of thought on whether you should offer revisions of your design work or not. Some creatives feel as if their work should be appreciated as is, […]

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