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What Exactly Is Copywriting? |

What Exactly Is Copywriting? An Explanation & The Importance of It

You may have been seeing the term copy or copywriting buzzing about lately and wondered exactly what it was. Up until my rebrand in March, I wondered the same thing, so don’t feel too out of the loop! It was the first time I’d even heard of the term, much less understood what it meant […]

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Finding Your Own Style: Avoiding the CopyCat Effect |

Finding Your Own Style Avoiding the Copycat Effect

Copying and unoriginality have been two topics that have honestly been addressed so much lately, that you can’t turn your head without hearing someone talk about their frustration with it. I’ve addressed it here on the blog several times, with writing helpful posts about community, competition, inspiration, and authenticity, but I strayed from calling it was […]

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Overcoming Feelings of Doubt & Discouragement in Business |

Overcoming Feelings of Doubt & Discouragement in Business

All too often those feelings of doubt and discouragement plague us bloggers and creatives.  Human nature works against us everyday, in addition to the rest of the world with it comes to feeling less than enough.  Everywhere we look there’s someone doing better than us, someone hating on us, and someone on the come up […]

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