<span class=The #1 Tool I’m Using to Grow My Blog Traffic & Why You Should Be Using It To" />

The #1 Tool I’m Using to Grow My Blog Traffic & Why You Should Be Using It To

Sharing my #1 tool I'm using to grow my traffic; BoardBooster. It does all the hard work for you when it comes to Pinterest and has loads of awesome features to drive traffic from Pinterest on autopilot. | The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic | BlissandFaith.com

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A while back I started to notice a steep decline in traffic to my blog. I was used to getting 200-300 views a day, and now I was getting significantly less. Now in all fairness, I will say that the decline in traffic was largely due in part to me posting less frequently and not being as active on social media. If you’re not present and putting yourself out there, people won’t know you exist.

If you’re not present and putting yourself out there, people won’t know you exist.

Also, the audience I already had had already consumed the content on my blog, and because I wasn’ t putting out any new content, they weren’t coming back. Bummer! ?

Around the time I started to really notice the lack of traffic, I heard about a traffic generating tool for Pinterest called BoardBooster. In a nutshell, BoardBooster does all the hard work for you when it comes to Pinterest.

BoardBooster has a ton of awesome features, but the best one and the one that I got the most out of is the looping feature.

Basically, it takes your already posted pins and reposts them, which keeps them “fresh” so to say and more likely to show up in related feeds.The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic | BlissandFaith.com

This in essence “refreshes” your pins and gets them in front of new eyes, because they’re not getting lost in the shuffle of thousands of other pins and staying at the bottom of boards.

Another great feature of the looping function is that it deletes low performing pins and replaces them with new pins. The looping feature does this on autopilot, so you never really have to touch your Pinterest again except to schedule new pins.

The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic | BlissandFaith.com

Pin on autopilot

Once you schedule new pins, which you can do with BoardBooster as well, it will loop those too. Within the settings you can customize everything to your liking for how you want it to schedule, loop, and delete pins.

I’m all about saving time, and I’m sure you are too, and we all know that Pinterest (and social media as a whole) can be a huge time suck. My time is extremely limited during the day, so if I can grab an extra minute wherever I can, I’ll take it! BoardBooster gives me that time back, which means I can use it doing something more productive, like writing blog posts, recording a podcast episode, or creating content for a course.


I don’t like to spend time on things that there are tools out there to do it for me. Can we give automation a huge hand here! ?? It’s a busy mom and business owner’s best friend!

Of the tools out there that allow you to automate Pinterest, BoardBooster is my favorite one thus far. It’s easy to use and reasonably priced, and best of all it works…it really does!

Being completely candid here, I used BoardBooster a while back (during a free trial) and I saw real results. This was still during the time I had noticed that decrease in traffic, and I saw when I used BoardBooster for roughly a month (they give you 500 pins for free to start off with) that my traffic legitimately surged. When I stopped using BoardBooster, like over the past few months, my traffic dropped off — there’s something to be said for that!

The results

The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic | BlissandFaith.com

Pinterest, like many of the social media platforms we use today, has constantly changed its algorithm and it’s harder and harder to get found with paying them directly for it. BoardBooster is affordable and gives me results, and that’s why I’m going back to it. I don’t believe Pinterest is dead, as I’m still receiving

I don’t believe Pinterest is dead by any means. Truthfully, I’m still receiving the majority of my traffic from it. However, I do believe that it’s evolved and that the way we use needs to do so as well. These days you have to pay to play, but that can get expensive. If it’s only going to cost my $5/month to generate traffic, which in turn will help to get me in front of new eyes, grow my list, and establish me as an authority in my niche — sign me up! ??.

The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic | BlissandFaith.com

Without traffic, you can forget launching any kind of paid product, because if no one knows you exist how are they supposed to purchase from you.

Worst off, if you can’t get found, you’re not growing your community, building rapports and making connections (which are all the things you need) with others so that they can eventually trust you enough to buy from you. We all know that people don’t buy from brands they don’t trust. The only way you build trust is by people getting to know you (and your brand).

So you see, it isn’t so much about generating traffic, as this thing is full circle here. You need traffic to get eyes on your content, you need those same eyes to value your content and trust you, and only then will those eyes purchase from you.

Even if people aren’t purchasing from you right off the back (because they may not need it right now), they are still consuming your content and sharing it, but they have to know it exists first.

You need more than the search engines and SEO to get found these days.

Of the tons of information out there to be consumed, you have to give yourself a leg up. If you don’t already know, Pinterest isn’t really a social media platform. Although it somewhat functions like one, it is really at its core a search engine.

I saw this coming a long time ago when Pinterest first changed it’s algorithm and rolled out its Smartfeed. That smart feed is real smart, smart about only pushing the most popular and relevant content to the top of it. Sound familiar, right? I’m sure it does. Sounds like everybody’s best friend Google, huh? Yep!

It’s one of the main reasons that you want your content to be as visible (fresh) as possible on Pinterest. BoardBooster does all the leg for you when it comes to this, and that way you can spend more time working on creating content and building connections with like-minded others. Even better, you can spend more time promoting your content on other platforms that don’t give way to doing is passively.

I’ll continue to use BoardBooster for one vital reason — the fact that organic reach and traffic are down, like way down. There are many ways out there to drive traffic on autopilot, but in my opinion, BoardBooster is one of the best ones for doing it from Pinterest.

BoardBooster’s a worthy investment and one that I don’t think I’ll give up using as long as it does that for me. If you have the same goal, give BoardBooster a try. I honestly can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t like it or not find it valuable and useful.

So I’ve shared my favorite traffic-generating tool with you. What do you think?Are you using any traffic-generating tools that are really changing your life at the moment?

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5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog + Business to the Next Level

5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog + Business to the Next Level

5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog + Business to the Next Level | BlissandFaith.com

I mentioned not too long along ago getting back to my roots and posting useful, helpful content that others can use to improve themselves.  I’m so glad to be back to posting what I know people can benefit from.  I actually had this post beautifully written and hit a button on my keyboard that erased it, so I’m pulling everything out of me to put back down here what is now erased in cyberspace.  As I digress, I’m here to give you some easy to implement tips on how to take your blog and business to the next level.

Taking my blog and business to the next level has been a goal of mines that I’ve recently reprioritized to the very top of my list. For far too long, I have been stagnant in growing both for a multitude of reasons. At times I’ve felt as if I didn’t know where to start and other times, I felt that I didn’t have the time to.  As a wife, busy mom (to two under two), businesswoman, and blogger, I’m stretched thin on a daily basis.  I know there are many like me, who wear many hats and struggle to keep a balance while trying to be successful.  This prompted me to write this post and hold myself accountable as all of the above in sticking to what I know and what can make me successful.

It’s so easy to become discouraged during our dry seasons, especially as bloggers, more so for those of us who monetize our blogs.  The campaigns and sponsored posts are few and far between, your traffic is at an all-time low, or your just plain burnt out and don’t know what to write about, it can all be so frustrating. Then next thing you know, you’re flooded with opportunities!  Your inbox is full of companies contacting you with pitches and sponsored content, other bloggers are asking you to guest post, and things are at an all time high.  It’s important to be prepared for both scenarios so that you may maximize not only your potential but handle it well and with grace and without anxiety or stress.

Although we are all works in progress, sometimes we need a little help getting exactly where we want to be. It’s important to know the initial steps to take, especially when overwhelming times come our way so that we can weather the storm. I urge you to follow this few tips, you can take the bull by the horns and start your path to success and getting where you want to be.

5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog and Business to the Next Level


1. Take advantage of the lows.

This is the time to create, edit and watermark photos, brainstorm post ideas, and overall do maintenance.  It will leave less on your plate for when things pick up.

2. Stay organized.

The cornerstone of success and root of keeping it all together.  If you’re organized, everything will function so much better. Cross your “T’s”, dot your “I’s” and ensure you know where everything is and how everything functions.  Efficiency is key when it comes to success.

3. Make a list.

Its old school, but it works.  A list serves as a tangible (even if it isn’t physical) way to hold yourself accountable.  It goes right along with #2, because it helps you to ensure that you are getting things done and nothing is left forgotten or undone.

4. Surround yourself with people doing it better than you.

It’s a common trend amongst successful people that they surround themselves with people who are smarter than them, or are doing better than them at whatever they are doing. There is always someone out there who can serve as a model or example, this is the person you want to connect with. Oprah did and just look at her, she’s a billionaire!

5. Invest.

I’m not so much speaking from a monetary standpoint, but if it takes a bit of pocket change (or more) don’t be afraid to invest in something that will make you more professional, savvy, and help you refine your skill level and niche. That small, but smart investment can render the biggest results. Risk is necessary at times, and most successful people will tell that, although it scared the crap out of them, they had to invest to get where they’re at.

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Have questions or want to get started?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I can’t wait to work with you and help you get to where you want to be!

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<span class=My Biggest Issue With “Niching Down” & How I Finally Did + an Identifying & Defining Your Niche Infographic" />

My Biggest Issue With “Niching Down” & How I Finally Did + an Identifying & Defining Your Niche Infographic

I have a secret, and I’m coming clean about it today. It’s something that I’ve been avoiding and trying to ignore for the longest, even though I know I should have done it long ago. So, by now I’m sure you’re wondering what it is, so here goes:  my big fat secret is that I hated, like royally hated, the idea of “niching down”. Yes, it’s true, and although I knew it was something essential that I needed to do, I was extremely adverse to do so. I’m sharing why in today’s post, how I finally did it, and what happened as a result.

My Biggest Issue With "Niching Down" & How I Finally Did | BlissandFaith.com

If “niching down” is something you’re having trouble with or have had trouble figuring out how to do in the past, I got you covered in this post to get you on track. But first, let’s get to the nitty gritty of my “niching down” aversion:

When I finally arrived at the point where I knew I needed to get specific within my niche, I did so kicking and screaming. And you want to know another secret? This just happened recently, like during my unintentional hiatus from my blog and business. Even though I had heard time and time again from various online marketing experts that it was essential to get super specific within your niche, especially when it comes to your service and products offerings, I kept going against the grain. I was convinced that I could still be successful without getting ultra specific because after all my niche was female creatives with entrepreneurial aspirations. Specific, right? Not so much. Here’s why…

The female creative niche is a huge niche that encompasses many different types of women, with many different types of skill sets and potential needs and pain points. The female creative who’s a maker (one who creates a physical product, be it jewelry or something handmade) deals with a different set of issues than the female creative who’s a graphic designer. Mind you, the female creative who is both a full-time working mom with a side hustle jewelry making business has different pain points than the female creative who’s a part-time student, part-time working, freelancing web designer. You see the issue there? Both female creatives, however, they’re lives differ tremendously, and so do their struggles.

In all fairness, I could create content and market to both, but that could greatly confuse both types of audiences. I’d have one audience of working moms with side hustles and another of young freelancers. I’d be difficult to write and serve both without neglecting their specific needs. My content would, in essence, to too broad for both and potentially confuse or not serve them specifically at all. This is a content creators worst nightmare, spending so much time creating content that goes unused and unappreciated.

So in order to avoid this entire predicament going forward; I forced myself to dig deep and examine my brand and what I want it to stand for and represent. I knew in doing this, it would not only allow me to really get to “know” my target audience really well, but also create specific, actionable content that would serve them best. I want my audience to be able to use my content to better their lives and aid in their success. However, I can only do that if I’m creating content that they can actually use, answers their questions, and gives them solutions to those oh-so-crappy pain points that they’re experiencing.

Here’s the exact thought process and action steps I took when I niched down:

Action steps for “niching down”:

Identifying my niche
• Niching down within me niche
• Creating content that will specifically serve my new ultra-targeted niche

First things first, I needed to identify my niche. I started by asking myself the following:

1. Who do I want to serve?
2. Why do I want to serve them?
3. How do I want to serve them?

Secondly, niching down within my niche involved me diving deeper into the questions I asked myself when identifying my niche. I did this by:

1. Creating a mythical person to have in mind for who I want to serve
  • Gave them a name, job, age, relationship status, kid/no kids
  • Gave them a personality, interests, entertainment and fashion tastes, even down to the car they drive, etc…
2. Brainstorming the pain points, areas of opportunities, and struggles of said individuals
  • What type of issues do they deal with daily?
  • What does their schedule look like?
  • Do they work solo or with a team in what they do? – Do they have help if they need it? Can they afford in?
3. Content creation was the last, but certainly not least. The reason it needed to have been left until last is because I needed to know specifically who to create content for.
  • If I blog, who is going to be reading it? If I make videos, who is going to be watching them? If I have a podcast, who is going to be listening to it?
  • What does this person expect to gain from partaking in my content? – Does is solve a problem they’re going through? Does it provide them with more clarity on how to achieve their goals?
  • What transformation will I be offering or providing them with my content? – How will it make their lives better? Earn them more money, time, or fulfillment?

My Biggest Issue With "Niching Down" & How I Finally Did | BlissandFaith.com

Download the PDF of the infographic hereno email necessary.

The meat & potatoes

Niching down is really nothing more than defining your target audience or customer/client down to their core, or as far down as you can. It’s nothing to be stressed about or put off, and now that I’ve done it, I don’t know why it took me so long. If you take anything away from this post, take away the idea that by niching down, you’re serving your audience best, doing them the biggest favor you could ever extend to them.

By creating content that they can easily ingest and specifically use, it will build trust as they will see you as an authority of whatever the topic of the content you’re creating. It puts you in the best position possible when you go to create products or offer services, because not only will they be targeted and exactly what your audience needs, they will be more than willing to purchase them.

If you find that you’re struggling to answer some or many of the questions above, no worries, I’m here to help.

I’m launching a new coaching and clarity service soon, but to kick it off, I’m offering free…yes free live group coaching calls in my new Facebook community. I’ll be sending out an email soon with more information on when the live coaching calls will start. So if you’re not already signed for my list, you’ll definitely want to so you don’t miss any of the juicy details. Pop in your name and email below and you’ll be automatically added!

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