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Sharing my #1 tool I'm using to grow my traffic; BoardBooster. It does all the hard work for you when it comes to Pinterest and has loads of awesome features to drive traffic from Pinterest on autopilot. | The #1 Tool I'm Using to Grow My Blog Traffic |

The #1 Tool I’m Using to Grow My Blog Traffic & Why You Should Be Using It To

Listen to the accompanying podcast episode ??: A while back I started to notice a steep decline in traffic to my blog. I was used to getting 200-300 views a day, and now I was getting significantly less. Now in all fairness, I will say that the decline in traffic was largely due in part […]

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5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog + Business to the Next Level |

5 Simple Steps to Take Your Blog + Business to the Next Level

I mentioned not too long along ago getting back to my roots and posting useful, helpful content that others can use to improve themselves.  I’m so glad to be back to posting what I know people can benefit from.  I actually had this post beautifully written and hit a button on my keyboard that erased […]

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My Biggest Issue With "Niching Down" & How I Finally Did |

My Biggest Issue With “Niching Down” & How I Finally Did + an Identifying & Defining Your Niche Infographic

I have a secret, and I’m coming clean about it today. It’s something that I’ve been avoiding and trying to ignore for the longest, even though I know I should have done it long ago. So, by now I’m sure you’re wondering what it is, so here goes:  my big fat secret is that I […]

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