Blush Mood Inspiration Board | NewMamaDiaries.comWedding season is right around the corner and I’m already inspired by it.  Honestly, I’m inspired by anything wedding all the time, because well, I’m a girl!  Even though weddings happen all throughout the year, spring and summer to me just have the natural feel of love and warmth to them.  If anything, those are the two things that inspired this color and mood board.

Blush is the ultimate wedding color, its warm, feminine, and soft, and many brides can’t resist adding it into the branding for their wedding in some form.  Its also a very versatile color that you can incorporate into your flowers, favors, and even jewelry for the big day.  I love it!

This mood and color board in particular is full of traditional wedding elements, because I feel that blush is such a traditional wedding color.  It was very easy to find things that represented it because of that.  My favorite part of the whole mood and color board are those darling pearl diamond bow earrings.  I think they are so elegant, perfect for a bride or her maids or maid of honor.  They really wrap up and encompass the entire feel of the board.

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I already have a new theme inspired by blush and the wedding season as a whole nearly finished.  I’ll be sure to share it once its released, and you can see how I took the inspiration from the board and translated it into a brand new theme.

I’ll be sharing some of my recent projects here soon, as I feel I don’t share enough about my designs and passions here on NMD.  I promise I’ll stop being so selfish, and let you all in on what I’m always working on when I’m not blogging.  If you want to check out some of my designs in the meantime, you can do so here.

So what are you inspired by for the upcoming spring and summer?  – Weddings, travel, nature?

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