We’ve all been there, I’m sure, trying to figure out what to post and when.  Sometimes, this happens because we have an influx of idea or none at all.  Its time like this when utilizing a blog planner, like the Blog to Success Planner can be extremely helpful.  Writing things down (or even digitally inputting) them into a planner can help you stay organized and hold yourself accountable.  However, its not just keeping track of blog posts that a blog planner can be beneficial to you.  Utilizing a blog planner allows you to keep track of your analytics and expenses, reviews and giveaways, and goals you have for your blog.  I’m a strong believer than when you write things down (or speak them) you set the motion for them coming to fruition.  In part this could be because, again, you’re holding yourself accountable or you simply end up building more excitement and enthusiasm around your goals.

When choosing a blog planner, there are a few things things to keep in mind that you should want included in your planner.


At-A-Glance Pages

The Blog to Success Planner contains two At-A-Glance pages, one which is a calendar for both 2015 and 2016, and the page is a blank editorial calendar.  This gives you an opportunity to look at both years and see how the days and weeks fall within the respective months, further helping you to plan more effectively. The blank monthly editorial page allows you to fill in by the month the days of the week and your posts or whatever else you may be planning to post on your blog.

Post Planner

This page should include areas where you can plan and write in your blog posts by the week.  It should also contain areas to keep up with social media promotion, projects, series, and campaigns you may have going on for your blog.

Affiliates & Passwords Pages

Keeping account of your affiliate accounts is so important if you are or plan to use affiliate marketing to monetize your site.  Having a log of the respective accounts helps you to stay organized, track how much you will make from each affiliate account, as well as keep up with your login information for them.  The same can be said for general frequently used username and passwords, so a log for them is essential.  By having a log for your usernames and passwords, you won’t find yourself constantly resetting them.  of course, you want to keep these logs in a safe place.

Reviews & Giveaways Pages

If you’re working on a particular campaign which may require you to publish a review or host a giveaway, these page will help insure that you include all of the required details for the post, along with a checklist to check things off as you complete the requires.  Companies requires these types of posts to contain certain information, so having a form in which you can keep account of all the details will insure that you receive credit and compensation for your post.

Goals Pages

Its so important to set goals when blogging, because they give you something tangible to look forward to.  A planner blank Goals page that you could use to jot down goals, ideas, or even sketch things components of your posts out.  The planner also includes blank short-term and long-term goals pages.  Short-term goals would be the goals your have for your blog with the 3-6 months, whereas the long-term goals page would be used to track goal further out than 6 months. The Blog to Success Planner contains all of these pages to help to map, keep track, and accomplish your goals.  The best thing is that you can print out these pages as many times as you need, so if your goals change you can update them effortlessly.

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I’ve put together a short video that goes over the Blog to Success Planner in more detail, so if you want to learn more about it check it out below:

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You can read even more about the planner and purchase it here.  Its an instant download, so once your payment is processed and completed, you’ll have immediate access to it.

Do you use a blog planner? – What are some of your favorite or most effective blog planning resources?

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