27 Weeks

Alright party people, we are in for the home stretch!  This week officially marks the 3rd trimester, 27 weeks!  At least according to my What To Expect phone app, so I’m gonna go with that.  Either way we have reached a huge milestone with only 13ish weeks to go and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Baby about 14.5 inches long and weighs just about 2 pounds. This week, baby’s brain is developing quickly. Little one’s eyelids, which have remained closed up until this point, begin to open, they actually started to open last week and now his retinas can begin to form. The retina contains specialized photoreceptor cells that respond to light, called rods and cones. Cones in particular help us perceive color.

Baby’s skin is still wrinkly; but by 27 weeks, he or she basically looks how they will look when I give birth to them.  The sounds baby hears are muffled (thanks to the creamy coating of vernix covering those ears), he or she may recognize both mine and my husband’s voices.  This is a good time for me (and Hubs) to read and even sing to baby (or rather, my belly)  Fun fact:  If Hubs presses his ear to your belly, he might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Also, baby’s taste buds are very developed now too (with more taste buds than he or she will ever have outside the womb, actually). 

Baby – This little guy or girl is getting stronger by the day.  Baby is supposed to be on a sleep plan now, but appears to be awake a good portion of the day, especially in the morning now.  Seems like baby likes to sleep after we eat and in the early afternoon, but I can’t really pinpoint it right now.  Although I do know they move in their sleep, so just because they’re moving doesn’t mean baby is actually awake, just that baby is active.  He or she appears to be a wild sleeper like me, if that’s the case, lol!  Baby’s kicks and movements are getting higher and higher, sometimes in my ribs, high on my sides, and high smack in the middle, under my sternum.

 Pregnancy Week 27

Me – I’m now at a whopping 137-139lbs (depending on what time of the day it is).  That means I’m about 13-15 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight of 124-126.  I think I have done a really good job gaining weight, well probably mostly baby, but hey that’s what I’m supposed to be gaining.  That means with 13 weeks to go my overall weight gain should be around 26-28 lbs.  I know my PA wants me to gained between 30-35, but I’m totally content with the 25-30 lbs gain.  The last few days I have had some discomfort, which I think its mostly attributed to my uterus stretching and growing.  Today, Tuesday, so far I actually feel pretty good.  As I sit here and type this, I can feel little one kicking and jabbing me and it feels great!  No signs of pre-term labor, swelling, stretch marks, or anything else weird going on.  Rings are still on, but I’m growing out of my cammies super fast, so I think I will have to switch over to the maternity ones very soon.  My belly is really itchy, so I know its going and is measuring at around 33″.  I fully expect that by the end of the week that it will measure around 34″.

Hubs –  Doing good as usual.  He loves feeling the baby and even likes to provoke it at times.  I can say that I think this kid will totally get us back once its born, because we mess with it all the time. 😉 When I asked Hubs if my belly look bigger he always tells me yes, but sometimes I think he’s just saying it to say it.  Nonetheless, he always brings the reality to the situation, reminding me when I say I’m fat, that I’m actually pregnant.  This guy’s been through it with me and this pregnancy, so I give him props for being a real team player all the time.

Until next week folks….

Happy bumping!


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  1. Gah, I love happy pregnant people! (I was never one of them) and can I just say kudos on the “party people” haven’t hear that in awhile! hahaha
    So exciting! Hope you’re keeping cool and hydrated, thanks for sharing your special time with us.

    1. Thanks so much! I am definitely staying cool, burning my A/C most of the day, because we have been having 90-degree days here lately. Yikes!

      I’m so happy to be able to share this experience with everyone, and will continue to do so. I’m so excited and can’t wait for baby to get here!

      Thanks again for stopping by and for such nice comments! 🙂


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