Baby looks more and more like a miniature newborn this week, how exciting!  The lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and tiny tooth buds are developing beneath the gums.  Baby’s eyes have formed, but will remain sealed shut for another 4 weeks.  The irises (color part) of the eye still lacks pigment, so they still have a ways to go.  Baby is about a pound this week, maybe a little more, but is about the size of a spaghetti squash or papaya.  There are just 18 weeks left, so time is approaching rapidly for baby’s arrival.  Its seems like the past two months have just flown by, its unbelievable!  22 weeks also marks the 6 month mark and things will soon be getting into high gear with development, weight gain, and growth.

Baby – Baby has been very active lately, getting stronger by the day.  I can feel baby all  throughout the day and night now.  Sometimes baby hits me with some pretty firm jabs.  They are very surprising and catch me off guard a lot of the time.  I used to think baby chilled out a lot, but that must have just been because I couldn’t feel him or her that much.  Baby hangs out everywhere in my uterus, up high, down low, and on both sides.  Baby seems to favor the left side when I’m sleep, which I’m thinking is because my husband sleeps on my left and its warmer close to him.  Baby also likes to play with my bellybutton from the inside, pushing its out most of the time and occasionally moving so that it goes back in.  He or she is a pretty interesting little lad or lass and I can’t wait to meet them.

Me – Well the belly has grown a pretty good bit from the last previous weeks.  Like I mentioned before, my bellybutton has completely popped out, at least most of the time.  I feel pretty good, except for the occasional aches and pains that comes with everything stretching and moving around.  Also, my belly has been itchy…all the time, but not to the point that I can’t deal with it.  I have a lot of Palmer’s that take care of that.  I have had some sleepless nights lately, which suck, so I hope that symptom will go away soon.  I could barely get off to sleep last night, much less stay asleep through the remainder of the night. My nails and skin look great on the other hand, so it all goes back to the law of compensation…can’t have it all, lol!

Hubs – He’s loving my growing belly and changing body.  He likes to talk to the baby through my belly and tell it silly things about me.  We are both working now, which is great for everyone, so overall he (& I) are in a better place.  Hubs is also super supportive of my blogging and vlogging efforts and encourages me to post and put myself out there.  He’s an awesome guy, lucky to have him!

Happy Bumping!



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