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We are officially baby shower-complete!  I had my second baby shower this past weekend back home in Ga.  I must say it was so to get away, and back down South.  My mom hosted my shower, and along with the help of my dad and brothers, the event with off with out a hitch.  Hubs & I made the 10 hour, 600 mile drive down on Thursday and even though it was long, it was fun and well worth it.  I didn’t even get sick, nope, not once!  I have so many pics, and I honestly don’t even have all of them, because every other person who came took pics too!

The actual event took place at Lenox Cupcakes in Atlanta.  It’s a very cute venue on the North side of town and a new location for them.  My mom and I had visited them previously at their old location in Phipps Plaza down in Buckhead and really liked their cupcakes.

Hubs was even at the shower and participated in the gift opening portion of the shower.  Even though it was females only, I’m glad he was there.  Dads always get left out and Hubs loves to be involved, especially with anything dealing with the baby.  My brothers were there simply as “workers”, so they weren’t too involved but jumped in when need be.  It was also great to have some guys there too, because they packed up and loaded the cars, so us girls could continue to enjoy the shower.

My 3 bestfriends from high school

So, now since I’m back home I get to do a final inventory of everything we received.  I wanted to wait until I had this shower to really inventory everything, because I knew I’d have a good idea of what we still do or don’t need.  However, I do plan on leaving a good bit of items on my registries, because the stores offer a discount on whatever is leftover on them once they end.

My Disney themed flower arrangement my mom had specially made for the shower. – So cute!
Lemonade & Raspberry-Lemonade

Overall, I’m so happy with the way everything turned out.  Now, its literally just waiting for baby to get here, because besides short travel (less than 4 hrs) we won’t be doing anymore travel until after the baby’s born.  We can relax a little, and that’s just what we need!

Happy bumping!


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