Baby Bootcamp

About two Fridays ago Hubs & I attended Baby Bootcamp, a prenatal class offered through our New Parent Support Program here on base.
It was an all day affair, even though Hubs could only attend the morning portion, because he had to go to work in the afternoon.  The morning portion of the class was the most interesting anyhow, so he didn’t miss much.  Hubs actually got to wear the empathy belly, which is a fake smock like belly that you can wear to simulate what it feels like to be pregnant.  This was one of the main things about the class that I was excited about, so I made sure Hubs was one of the first to volunteer to wear it.  When it comes to pregnancy, I’m a sponge for knowledge.  I do, however, try to stay of Google, because Google is a pregnant women’s worst enemy.  I am taking advantage of as many classes offered either on base or through the military hospital that I’ll be delivering at.  They have a wealth of knowledge and the individuals who teach the classes are always really nice and helpful.

The class started off with us picking out a baby (doll), signing in, and filling out some paperwork.  Easy enough!  We did intros, which was nice, because it served as an icebreaker for all the couples and we got to learn a little about each other.  Hubs & I were the only ones in the class who were team Green, but there did happen to be a couple having twins, and girls outnumbered boys by one.  Everyone wants to know what our little guy or girl is, to see if we break the tie.  We will all have to wait another 5-8 weeks for that one!  We watched several videos covering an array of baby-related topics.  A cool thing we got to do was learn how to swaddle a baby, and funny enough Hubs caught on to it faster than me.  He is 100% ready for parenthood, meanwhile I’m still a little overwhelmed and trying to wrap my head around it.  Maybe because I’m the one actually carrying the child, so I have been solely responsible for it from the day it was conceived…pressure’s definitely been on.  I am glad that one of us is super confident, because we can feed off each other.  I’m sure there will be times once baby gets here when Hubs will feel completely out of his element and I will feel super confident.  Okay, okay as I digress…back to the class.  The video that went over swaddling was called Happiest Baby On The Planet (I think?).  It was a bit unconventional in some of the ways to calm babies, but the swaddling part was good.  We watched videos covering extremely important topics like breastfeeding, infant care, such as bathing and sleeping, and diaper changing.  Many of these topics I was not very well versed on so I was glad they were covered.  Hubs & I both thought that you gave a baby a bath everyday (no judgments please!) .  Our poor kid would be as dry and ashy as a winter leaf, thank goodness we know now.

IMG_1042   IMG_1044   IMG_1045
All in all, the class was super informative and fun.  It was really nice to interact with other expecting couples.  Thank goodness we walk able to walk away plenty of knowledge (and handouts)!

If your are expecting or planning on becoming pregnant and have classes available to you, take full advantage of them.  Also, participate in the classes, the instructors/facilitators for the most part try their best to keep the classes interesting.  Its so awkward to sit there and just see people stare off into space or try to avoid eye contact so that they don’t have to participate.  Participating makes the class more interesting, interactive, fun, and go by faster.
Until next time folks!

Happy Bumping!


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  1. My husband and I took a similar class when we were expecting our first child. It definitely took away a lot of my anxiety of the unknown, however nothing ever goes the way you plan it when it comes to having kids. I have three and all three births were very different.

    1. I totally believe you when you say nothing goes to plan! This is exactly why I’ve kept an open mind and loose plans when it comes to giving birth. I have just about a month left, so I’m trying my best to keep an even more open mind.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    1. Liz, thanks so much! You are too sweet! It really was a fun class and I’d recommend it to anyone expecting or planning on having a baby.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂


  2. We took a class before my first child was born, whose now a teenager. There was no empathy belly for my husband…boo hoo. I wish there had been one for him to wear. I really liked the class we took. Plus, there were so many freebies at the class. I had enough small samples of baby items, i.e., lotion, powder, etc. to carry me thru for a little while. You all look so cute!

    Make It Or Fix It Yourself!

    1. Aww…boo, if only they had empathy belly back then. Honestly, I really wish my dad could have worn one when my mom was pregnant with us kids. I don’t think he ever really gave her enough credit for birthing him three kids, lol! At least my husband has an inkling of an idea of how uncomfortable and awkward it can be for us women when pregnant.

      We mostly got paperwork, wish there had been more freebies…sequestration I guess!

      Thanks so much for the lovely compliment and for stopping by!

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