Happy April!  The weather is finally warm and its my birthday month, so I see great things in sight.  For this month’s freebie, I was inspired to create a motivational quote desktop calendar wallpaper that was both pretty and inspirational, with a touch of serenity.


Its so easy these days to get down on ourselves when things aren’t exactly going the way we would like them to go.  I spoke a bit about that in a yesterday’s post, in which I opened up about not having a profitable business quite yet.  It was an extremely vulnerable post for me, probably on of the most vulnerable posts I’ve ever written here on my blog.  My goal is to be more transparent and share more with you all, whether it be about blogging, business, design, or even sometimes personal things.  In that post I laid out some things I would like to do in my business that I believe will get it on the path to being successful, and those are things I would usually never share.  As much as I share here on Bliss & Faith, I typically don’t share overly specific things about my business or personal life.  I’m changing that, because I think its far more beneficial to share these type of things, because it just may help someone who’s in the same place.

Even more so, it could help someone just starting out a business, in that they would know what to potentially expect in getting a business off the ground.  Additionally, although I blog about blogging, business, and design, I definitely don’t have all the answers and I want you all to know that.  I’m learning and growing everyday, and I’m putting in max effort to become an expert in my field.  I want to be someone that people look to as a resource and they need to get to know and trust me in order to establish that relationship.  If anything I’ve learned during my “dry season”, it’s to be more open, transparent, and kick fear in the butt.  I’m a constant work in progress, but its so refreshing to take negative feelings and turn them into positive ones.

The quote I used to this month’s freebie is one of my absolute favorite quotes:

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

I heard it some time ago while listening to one of Joel Osteen’s sermons.  He spoke about not being discontent with where you’re at, when its a place you don’t want to be in.  The time can be better spent focusing on how to get to where you want to be and thanking God that you are where you’re at, because you’re there for a reason.  I can attest to this, because in previous dry season’s in my life its never failed that there was a huge blessing of flourish right around the corner.

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I know God is preparing me for something big and this down time is the time he’s giving me to get ready for it.  Remember anytime you feel like you’re stuck, know that you aren’t!  It may take days, months, or even sometimes years, but nothing last forever…including the crappy times.  The wondrous times are closer than you think, and you have to make sure you’re ready for them, because they just may take you by storm (in a good way!).

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Download the wallpaper HERE!


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