AppsYouShouldHave Pt.2 | Apps You Should Have Pt. 2

I told you all I had a part two coming and here it is!  These are apps that I have on my phone that I use everyday.  Many of these apps cut out having to print things out, which saves us all paper and ink.  I try to do my part and live as environmentally savvy as possible, plus one less piece of paper isn’t weighing down my purse.

All of these apps are free, however there are premium or upgrade versions of them.  If you like additional features you can purchase those versions.  I get along just fine with the free versions with no issue.

Here’s part two of the rundown:
Grocery IQ/SnipSnap – grocery shopping and coupons

Games – Candy Crush/Bejeweled

Travel – Maps/Kayak/Priceline/Orbitz

Pandora/TuneIn Radio/Shazam – Music streaming and radio, song pinning


WedMD – Health

QR Reader – barcode scanning


The Weather Channel – Weather

So let me know what you think of part two! Did I forget any that are your faves?  Do you use these apps on a daily basis as well?I’m trying to stay in the loop people, so let me know your take!


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  1. It drives me bananas too! I’m stuck on level 65 as well, have been for about a month. Ugh…can’t believe I can’t get past it! I’ve taken like a 3 week break from it now.

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