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Apps you should have Pt 1:

I decided to put together a list of my favorite/most frequently used useful apps. Many of you may already have these and use them on a daily basis, but I’ve taken it a step further and broken them down by use.

FBG Facebook/Facebook Pages/Google+ (especially if you’re a blogger) – networking, sharing, connecting, keeping in touch . Pinterest – Ideas

Instagram/PicStich/Flickr – Photosharing, editing, collage making.
Twitter – micro-blogging, networking, connecting.

Feedly/Bloglovin – Blog/Feed reading.

Ebay/Amazon/Etsy – Online shopping and selling.

Youtube/Netflix/Imdb/E!/GetGlue –Entertainment – Financial

Vine – Video posting


Flashlight – If you have an iPhone, you’ll want this app.


Groupon/Living Social/Cartwheel – coupons and special deals and offers.

I hope you get as much use out of these apps as I do. – Stay tuned for Pt. 2!

I’d love to know what your favorite apps are?  Which ones do you use most often?  Which ones do you get the most use out of?

Happy Bumping!


Tenns Reid

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    1. Absolutely! Its always nice to gain a little more insight and see what people are really saying about a lot of these apps.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


    1. I don’t post to Vine myself, but love watching the mini-vids on there. They give me a good laugh when I need to escape reality for a bit.

      Have a wonderful weekend as well. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Brittnei Washington says:

    These are great apps! Some of them I actually didn’t know about like the living social. I definitely use Pinterest and Youtube as site traffic feeds for my blogs! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Monday with us! I hope you’ll come back to join us next week! 🙂


    1. So glad you find the list useful! There are so many apps out there it’s easy to either get overwhelmed, lost in the mix of them, or not even know they exist. I always try to search by topic when it comes to looking for apps. Your bound to find the better ones that way.

      I look forward to linking up again in the future! 🙂


    1. I go through what looks to be a monthly purge myself when it comes to apps. This is why the list is ever-changing! I actually only have Vine on my phone, because I just like looking at the videos, but never really post.

      Good luck with finding some good fun apps!

    1. Thanks so much! I hadn’t heard of wundrlist. I’ll have to try it out, because I like making lists too. There was another app that you could share your “hunny dos”, but my Hubs never downloaded it. I don’t remember the name of it, but I know it wasn’t wundrlist.

      Thanks so much for suggesting and stopping by!

  2. Thanks for sharing these Apps, I have most of them already. I love, love the brand new magazine reader – with over 100 magazines right now called Next Issue – it works like Netflix, you pay one fee per month and automatically the new magazines arrive PLUS you get ALL the back issues!! They are offering a 30 day free trial.

    For notes, I used to use Astrid, but that is retiring, and I love Wunderlist – so cool for organising.

    Love for music – Spotify and Songza…

    Hootsuite to manage Twitter and Facebook Accounts….

    I could go on and on, but I do not want to take away from your Part 2!

    Thanks for the list….

    1. Great suggestions! Yeah, my part 2 has a few of the apps you mentioned. My original list was like 30 apps, and that was entirely too long to post. A few of the ones you suggested I hadn’t heard of, so I’ll definitely check them out.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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