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you're the:

mom, side hustler, or full-time student who has aspirations beyond the corporate 9-5 or being covered in who knows what from your kids all day long.

It's hard I know, I've been there and some days I'm still there. #truth

I know what you're going through and can totally relate, which is why I want to help you create an strong brand by helping you develop consistent, strategic, and cohesive content that is in direct alignment
 with your personal and business goals.

I focus on working with you on the three main areas of your brand that are crucial to its success, they are:

Business Strategy

Content Creation Strategy

Content Marketing/Blogging
Coaching & Consulting

Just so you know I'm not some mythical, imagery creature:

I'm self-taught graphic and web designer/developer who's always had a love for design. I remember building my first site on Geocities and creating my first 'zine in AOL email when I was 12 years old.

The years following, in a nutshell, were the norm...middle school, high school, college, a job in the corporate world, and then the military (say wha??? Yep, that's right I'm a veteran.) I served in the USMC for three years before getting out and becoming a mom and entrepreneur.

She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes |
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I'm married to my best friend and husband, Nick and we have two littles (Nicholas and Éva). Nicholas, my boy is a rambunctious toddler born in October 2013 and my girl, baby girl, Éva who's a carbon copy of me was born in September 2015.

They both keep me extremely busy during the day...and night, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being a mom and it is through my relentless faith in God, that I can find bliss in some way every day in my life. ❤️

Before you head off, I have a few free resources and tools for you:

How to Effectively Spring Clean Your Blog and Conduct a Content Audit |
Bliss & Faith Free Content Audit |

I'd love to hear from you!

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14 thoughts on “You’re in the right place if…

  1. “Creating is what I love to do” – you seem to be creating an awesome little person! Good job.

    Also, your husband looks a lot like my cousins in England. I was so confused for a moment. You’re a very good looking family.

    I’m excited to watch more of your adventures.

    The Lemon Hive
    —Making the best of the small moments, creatively.–

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment! I’m trying to finish “creating” this little person, he or she will be here before I know it. I told my husband that and he had a good laugh. We both get told we always look like someone’s cousin or friend or whomever. Maybe we just have familiar faces. 🙂 Thanks again for visiting and following!

    1. Thanks so much! I am totally overdue for updating with a photo of my son. I’ll have to do that for sure! Thanks so much for dropping by and adding my button to your blog! 🙂

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