You ever see things that just completely creep you out, like totally give you the heebie-jeebies?  I do all the time, and its one of those things that you never really want people to know, but can’t help telling them, because its so ridiculous.  Whether it be simply the way something looks or the texture, sometimes just make my skin crawl…or as my husband says “makes his teeth itch”.


Here’s just a few…I may have a problem though, because I feel like I have more (9!) than the usual person may have:

  1. That commercial about an IBS medication that shows the drawings (or animations) of matter inside people’s guts.  I just reminds me of poo!  Its animated so off the back you wouldn’t think much of it, but as you pay attention you realize how gross it is.
  2. Dry feet in cold sheets.  This is why I always have to put lotion on my feet (and hands) when I get in bed, especially in the winter time.
  3. Already chewed gum stuck to things.  This counts even in the trashcan.  Ack!
  4. Clusters of things.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it will always make the list, because this is the one that has bothered me for as long as I can remember.
  5. Smelling people’s breath or body odors (or them smelling mines).  I have an irrational fear of someone smelling me, and catching me during a moment where I’m not on my hygiene A-game.  This includes in the morning, after eating certain foods, or any time where I don’t feel fresh in general.  And I really hate catching others when they’re not on their hygiene A-game.  For this reason alone, I usually keep an arm’s length distance from people.  Its prevents both scenarios at all times, and this includes family as well.
  6. Crusted over gravy, potatoes, sauces, et al.  As far as food goes, this is one of my top gross out things.  Back when I lived in Va, there was this little mom and pop joint that my husband loved to go to (he’s not as picky as me when it comes to food) and they would always have the most unfresh looking sides.  Its nothing like going to a restaurant or buffet and seeing food look like that, its so unappetizing.
  7. Fungus on toenails.  For years I struggled with Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungus, this is one of the reasons that I don’t go get pedicures to this day.  I was so embarrassed every time sandal season would come around, because my feet would look horrible, especially my two big toenails.  It got to the point where I would completely cut off my toenails, treat the issue, and grow them back.  Unfortunately, toenail fungus doesn’t always go away so easily and even this winter I completely cut off one of my big toenails, because I started seeing a little residual fungus on the toenail.  I’ll spare you a picture, but my toenail is growing back good and heathy now.
  8. SPIDERS.  I’ve mentioned this one before as well, but it really is the top thing that creeps me out.  Nuff said!
  9. When people on reality shows, especially talent ones, are really bad at whatever they’re doing and they don’t realize it.  I get so embarrassed for them and uncomfortable that I quiver, close one eye, and can’t watch.

Okay, so the point of this post is not to harp or on myself, anyone, or even a particular situation, but to give you all a look at some of my idiosyncrasies.  We all have them, and they’re the things that make us unique and add to our overall character.  Some might agree with me a 100% about my idiosyncracies or disagree completely, but the point is that if it weren’t for these things I wouldn’t be me.  I wouldn’t contribute to the world the way I do.  There’s a reason I’m not a crime scene investigator and that I’m a blogger and graphic designer in regards to my career.  There’s also a reason I hate spiders, but love puppies.  The world appreciates me for where I’m at, what I do, and who I am.  Its all about self acceptance and not being hard on myself for being me.

So, as always, I leave you with a few words of wisdom (and common sense), never let any make you feel like you aren’t good enough.  You’re just as unique, creative, and amazing as the next person.  You can inspire others as much as those that inspire you.  Think highly of yourself in a confidence regard, but not in an arrogant way.  There is a difference.  However, feeling good about yourself, who you are, and where you are in your life is the key to happiness and being the person you truly want to be.  Those very quirks of yours are what God gave to you as a gift.  Quirks help us define ourselves, set goals, and work to accomplish them.  In part, because they allow us to examine ourselves and arrive at a more centered place of who we are.  Moreover, they allow us to get to know ourselves better.  Embrace them, accept them, and love them!  You can do that, because there’s nothing wrong with you or them.  Also long as you use them for good, you’re golden!

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Tenns Reid

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  1. #5 – perfect! I always am afraid that I might have bad breath ONCE and people will remember it always! I’m insane like that.
    And for the toenails, how did you finally get rid of it?? I’ve heard it can take ten years.

  2. Wet hair! I’m totally fine with styling hair that is attached to a scalp, but a wet, disembodied hair on the side of the shower or sink makes me shudder EVERY TIME. There are 4 females in this house, so it happens a lot, unfortunately.

  3. #5 Is not irrational AT ALL! My husband thinks I’m irrational with this, but now that I can point to you as having the same concern, BOOM!- not irrational. 🙂
    What about sitting on a chair with someone else’s body warmth! :O Especially, someone you do NOT know, like they were there before you got there, and now you’re basically cuddling they body warmth… BLAH!!!

  4. The hard crusted gum really creeps me out, too! It just seems to be everywhere. I always put mine in a tissue or something when I dispose of it.

  5. Tenns, I totally get the body odor issue. I went to a school reunion a couple years ago and first thing one lady gave me a big hug and held it for a picture. She had such bad body odor that I could smell it all night. I went in the bathroom and tried to freshen up to get it off, but to no avail. I felt so bad because I kept my distance from everybody else that night so they wouldn’t think I was the culprit. Darn body odor. I wonder if she even ever knew!!

  6. No. 2! I’m like that with hands. I hate holding my husband’s hands when they’re dry. I just don’t like the feel of dry skin on anything. AHH! I’m getting the willies just thinking about it! I also really hate June bugs. Ick.

  7. How Fun!! i so need to do one of these but I am such a weirdo it may scare people…LOL I totally hate dry fet on any kind of sheets…the sound of them…ugh! I just can’t! LOL

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